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Training by Bruno Dominianni

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Training With Bruno Dominianni

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, whether you want to gain confidence, build strength, tone up, or slim down, oneHUNDREDtoZERO will help you build the best version of yourself.

Operating out of an elite training facility in Scottsdale, Bruno Dominianni knows what it feels like to be helpless, but made the decision that rock bottom was going to become the foundation for building a life worth living.   

Over a decade ago, Bruno turned to exercise and nutrition to change the trajectory of his life, and his passion is now guiding people to take control of their lives to completely transform their health with customized personal training sessions and accountability. If you’re ready to dominate every aspect of your life instead of merely surviving, Bruno is ready to help you run up the score, 100 to Zero. Are you in?  Contact Bruno at 602.509.3413 to set up a free consultation.


Happiness is not a destination or place, it’s a system you put in place. Everyone has different physical and mental obstacles to overcome, and training with a oneHUNDREDtoZERO mindset will teach  you the discipline to dominate your lifelong  journey.

Bruno specializes in personal training in both individual and group settings as well as nutrition coaching to help you fully commit to changing your life. No matter where you’re starting, how many times you’ve tried before, what you struggle with- you can overcome.  When you commit to oneHUNDREDtoZERO, you are committing to disciplined physical and mental training, nutrition, and accountability from Bruno and an exclusive online community unlike any other. 


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About Bruno

Bruno Dominianni has been a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2012, but it was years before when he hit rock bottom and realized only HE had the power not to stay there. At the age of 17, Bruno turned to doctors to help him battle depression, all they gave him was little hope for a better future and a lot of prescriptions which only made everything worse. Waking up every day sick and tired, he was forced to make a decision, and told himself, “No one is coming to save you, so if you don’t figure this out yourself, this is going to be your life forever.” And that’s what he did – Bruno committed to getting better by cultivating discipline with exercise, nutrition, and a mindset determined to dominate every aspect of his life. 

Now, he’s here to help you do the same. As a privately contracted personal trainer, Bruno has turned his passion into his profession with the goal of helping others reach their goals. Bruno is proud to offer both private and semi-private training sessions in a state of the art Scottsdale facility, as well as nutrition coaching and accountability through an exclusive online community. Everything you want in life is attainable, but you have to commit, be intentional in your choices, put in the work and fight the voice inside of you that tries to convince you not to believe in yourself. Building the discipline will take time, but as long as you keep going, you will take control of your life. Life isn’t about surviving, it’s not even about winning – it’s about intentionally dominating every aspect and running up the score – 100 to Zero. And Bruno will be here to hold you accountable, every step of the way.  Contact 602.509.3413 to set up a free consultation.


Nothing tastes as good as discipline feels

GET STARTED: (602) 509-3413‬


Personal Training

If you are in search of a certified personal trainer in Scottsdale or the surrounding areas to help you reach your goals, Bruno Dominianni is ready to help you take the first step and then hold you accountable during every step along the way. Bruno offers personal training sessions out of the state of the art Self Made Training Facility, as well as nutrition coaching and access to an exclusive online support group. Everything you want in life is attainable, but you have to show up and you have to be committed. And the first step beings now. 

When you commit to training with oneHUNDREDtoZERO, you will gain access to 1-1 personal training sessions or private group sessions so you can bring a friend or family member who’s committed to a healthier lifestyle with you. Building discipline and changing habits take time, but you can transform your life if you show up and put in the work, and you don’t have to do it alone. It’s time to stop surviving and understand your only option is to thrive with training and accountability from someone who’s been where you are. 

What are your goals and what are you going to do to achieve them? Schedule a free consultation with Bruno to start investing in yourself and begin running up the scoreboard, oneHUNDREDtoZERO: 602.509.3413.

  • Pricing: All personal training sessions are scheduled and paid for at the beginning of each month. 
    • 1 to 1-  $75 Per Session (60 Minutes)
    • Group Training (Max of 4 People)-  $55 Per Person/Per Session (60 Minutes)

GET STARTED: (602) 509-3413‬


If you’re committed to physically and mentally transforming your life to be the best version you can be – it takes more than an hour in the gym every day. There are 23 other hours in a day so be mindful of the choices you make to reach your goals, because there’s no quick fix.

When you commit to personal training with oneHUNDREDtoZERO, you will also gain access to nutrition coaching and accountability beyond the gym with a  top-rated Health & Fitness app, customized with Bruno’s guidance on macronutrients for you to help YOU get the results YOU want. Additionally, you will be welcomed to an exclusive online community full of like-minded individuals to keep you motivated. 





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what They’re Saying


As a lifelong athlete, I’ve always thought I “knew” what I was doing when it came to my personal fitness routine but after meeting with Bruno, he helped me figure out a way to take my routine to a new level. In no way was he contradictory to what I was doing, he merely helped me identify where I was and put together a plan to increase my gains in specific targeted areas. He was clear, spoken, kind, and used the right kind of “push” to encourage a new approach to a workout plan that was sustainable. Talk to Bruno!

Christopher V.

Working with Bruno has been amazing. The tracking of my food with an app that is so easy and the different approach he takes that no other trainer has ever taken with me has been amazing. I am down 12lbs and can’t wait to lose the next 12+. I plan on competing in a fitness competition at some point before I hit 55 and I am confident that Bruno will help me get there. Thank you Bruno.

Deanna SC.

“My husband and I have been working with Bruno for a couple of weeks now. My goal is to lose weight and my hubby’s is to gain muscle. Two weeks in and I’m down 2.5 lbs. Bruno’s approach is to focus on lifestyle changes first that will stick not just going on a crash diet and working out like a maniac. It’s a slow steady process and takes work but Bruno gives you all the tools and support you need to be successful. Plus, he’s just a good person and fun to be around so that makes all the difference.

Kate W.

After recovering from an injury, I needed to get back to working out without getting hurt. I hired Bruno, who spent a good amount of time assessing me and where I was weak first. Then he put together a plan for me that helped gain stability first and now we are working on strength. It was exactly what I needed, and I feel amazing! Definitely recommend working with him. His knowledge, caring and individual attention will get you where you want to be.”

Kim G.